Lucktastic Review: Is It a Scam or Legit?

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The Lucktastic app is one of the most popular instant win games online offering cash and gift card prizes. As your free time is valuable, you might be asking, “Is Lucktastic a scam?”

This Lucktastic review can show how you can win rewards without spending money. You can also decide if Lucktastic is a productive way to make extra money.

  • Easy to use
  • Bonus games
  • Earnings


The Lucktastic app is one of the most popular instant win games online. You can win real cash and gift cards by playing on a regular basis. It is a quick easy way to earn cash in your free time.


  • Quick, fun games
  • Earn easy cash
  • $5 min to cash out


  • May need to play a lot to win
  • Lots of advertisements

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What is Lucktastic?

Hand holding phone with image of Lucktastic homepage

Lucktastic describes itself as “a fun and free way to win real cash and prizes and earn rewards.” In fact, Lucktastic is mobile-only and works with Android and Apple devices.

If you want to make money from your smartphone, Lucktastic can be an easy and fun app. The most common way to win prizes is by swiping digital scratch cards. You can also sign up for partner offers to earn bonus points.

While many online side hustles take up to 20 minutes, most Lucktastic scratch cards only take up to 30 seconds to complete. You can attempt multiple cards each day to earn rewards in your free time.

Who Can Join?

Screenshot of Lucktastic with graphic of United States

Below are the basic requirements to join Lucktastic:

  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • At least 13 years old
  • Own an Android or iOS device with in-app GPS location services enabled

Lucktastic is one creative way for teens to make money at home as it’s easy to join.

How To Make Money with Lucktastic

Scratch cards are the most common way to earn Lucktastic rewards, but there are other ways to earn rewards points and cash as well.

Instant Win Scratch Cards

Screenshot of Lucktastic App with animated woman showing a scratch and win game card

Every Lucktastic scratch card is free to play and only takes a few seconds. There are dozens of scratch cards to play every day.

Each scratch card has six boxes to scratch and you need to match three symbols to win the grand prize.

Depending on the card, you can either win cash or tokens. You will see the potential grand prize before playing the card to see if you can win cash or tokens.

Cards with cash prizes can let you win between $2 and $1,500. Other scratch cards offer bonus tokens that you can redeem for gift cards or contest entries. If you play enough scratch cards each day, you unlock the $10,000 scratch prize.

You can play each scratch card game once a day. The clock resets each day at 5 AM Eastern Standard Time.

Lucktastic releases extra scratch cards each afternoon and evening:

  • 1 and 5 pm Eastern Standard Time
  • After 9 pm Eastern Standard Time

While Lucktastic is free to play, you will need to watch a 30-second advertisement before you can begin scratching. These advertisements can become slightly annoying and repetitive, but no purchase is necessary to use Lucktastic.


You can earn bonus tokens and contest entries by being an active Lucktastic member.

Make sure you play one scratch game at least four days in a row to earn a daily rewards bonus. On the fifth consecutive day, you can earn a mystery reward of either tokens or contest entries.

There are other challenges for new Lucktastic members and completing certain tasks.

Try New Apps

You can earn additional tokens by downloading sponsored apps through Lucktastic. For example, you can visit the OfferUp app, watch a brief video, and browse local offers on the app to instantly earn 300 rewards tokens.

The offers are constantly changing and some apps might can offer actual cash payouts. In general, most apps earn tokens that you can redeem for gift cards.

In some cases, you will can play games and earn points by achieving a certain level. These games are free to download and don’t require in-app purchases.

Lucktastic VIP

If you love Lucktastic and play scratch cards often, consider the Lucktastic VIP loyalty program. You can get special freebies like exclusive scratch cards.

Share Lucktastic on Social Media

Sharing Lucktastic on social media also helps you earn more tokens by showing others that Lucktastic is a legit app. You will earn 1,000 tokens for each friend you refer via social media.

Become a College Ambassador

Although anybody in the United States at least 13 years or older can join Lucktastic, college students wanting to make money have an added incentive to join Lucktastic.

As an ambassador, you get Lucktastic swag like free stickers, pens, and apparel to give your classmates. You will also earn gift cards by referring new Lucktastic members.

Win These Lucktastic Rewards

Screenshot of Lucktastic of animated woman and gift cards

In the Lucktastic app, you can see your current balance for cash rewards, tokens and contest entries.

Cash Prizes

You have three different payment options for cash rewards:

  • Digital gift cards: Balances between $5 to $14.99
  • Paper check: Balances of $15 and above
  • Visa gift card: Balances of $100 and above

Some of the gift card options include Amazon, Gamestop and Dunkin’ Donuts. As it can take a long time to earn cash rewards, then gift cards can be the best option. But if you want a grand prize, Lucktastic mails you a paper check that you can remote deposit.

Redeem Tokens for Gift Cards

You can begin redeeming your tokens for $5 gift cards once your balance reaches 30,000 tokens.

Some of the gift card redemption options include:

Because it takes 30,000 tokens to earn the cheapest gift card, you shouldn’t rely exclusively on the scratch cards to earn tokens.

You should also share Lucktastic on social media and try new apps. And, play at least one scratch card each day to earn the daily reward bonus!

Enter Contests

Lucktastic App screenshot with animated woman pointing to tokens used to enter contests

You can also redeem your tokens for contest entries. Winning isn’t a guarantee, but each entry only requires a few tokens. Some of the active contests can help you win:

  • $500 for groceries
  • iPads
  • Gift cards
  • Cash sweepstakes
  • Tokens

Positives and Negatives


  • Completely free to download and play
  • Each scratch game only takes a few seconds to play
  • Cash and gift card payments
  • Earn bonus tokens by testing apps and referring friends
  • Bonus scratch cards available between 1 and 5 pm Eastern and after 9 pm Eastern.

Since Lucktastic only requires an internet connection to play and a single scratch game only takes a few seconds to play, you can play at home or in public with minimal effort or time commitment. Just for its simplicity, Lucktastic can be worth trying out.


  • Can take a long time to win a prize
  • Must watch a 15 or 30-second advertisement before each scratch game
  • Need 30,000 tokens for a $5 gift card

Some of the most common complaints by Lucktastic app reviewers is that the odds of winning a substantial cash prize are slim. It also takes a long time to earn enough tokens to get a gift card. As a result, Lucktastic has a Trustpilot score of 1.4 out of 5.

For example, Lucktastic can be a pair will with online surveys or completing short tasks on Swagbucks. However, Lucktastic won’t replace your current side hustle income.

There are real winners who hit the jackpot, but most people are only going to win a few dollars worth of prizes when they win a scratch game. If you don’t play Lucktastic on a regular basis, it will take a very long time to win a prize.

As long as you go into Lucktastic knowing that you’re playing a free game of chance, you’ll know that it can take a while to win a prize. However, no two Lucktastic members will have identical winning experiences. The best friend you refer (or you) might win a large prize soon after signing up.

Is Lucktastic a Scam?

No, Lucktastic is legit and has given away more than $3 million in cash and prizes since 2012. Plus, the Lucktastic app ranks as one of the best lifestyle apps in Google Play and the App Store.

But it can take a long time to earn tokens and cash. The app makers are also very clear that Lucktastic isn’t a “get rich quick” app.

If you need money now, you should consider another activity to raise cash.

Who Should Join Lucktastic?

Lucktastic is a good option in these instances:

  • Teens at least 13 years old
  • Want a fun side hustle that requires minimal effort and time
  • Earn cash or gift cards
  • Enjoy playing games
  • Want a free hobby

Many people don’t play the lottery in the real world because you’re more likely to lose money long-term instead of winning money. Although you might get lucky and win a substantial prize on your first or second ticket, this almost always isn’t the case.

The same principle is true with Lucktastic, the odds of winning the “grand prize” on a scratch card are relatively low and a fun way to use your free time outside of work or classes.

Even if you’re opposed to playing the lottery, you might enjoy Lucktastic because it’s completely free. Your only cost to play is your time.

If you like playing games on your phone or tablet, Lucktastic is worth the download because you can win real prizes instead of bragging rights for achieving the new high score in your friend circle with other games that only offer in-app rewards.

It’s free to try so the only thing you have to lose is your time.

Playing instant win games can be a good alternative other free hobbies. You can earn cash and gift cards for your effort.


Does anyone actually win money on Lucktastic?

Since the Lucktastic app launched in 2012, over 220,000 real people have won real cash prizes. In fact, there have been more than 15,000,000 app downloads and over $3,000,000 in prizes awarded.

Is Lucktastic free?

Yes, Lucktastic is free to join and use. You will need to see short ads before each game which is how Lucktastic makes money.

How do you make money on Lucktastic?

You can win cash prizes or tokens for gift card redemptions by playing the instant win scratch games. It’s also possible to earn bonus points by testing apps, winning contests and referring friends to join Lucktastic.

Do Lucktastic tokens expire?

Your Lucktastic tokens can expire due to account inactivity. Lucktastic can deduct $1.00 of your rewards balance after 90 days of inactivity. You can lose all of your tokens and cash rewards after 120 days of not earning or redeeming rewards.

What are the Lucktastic rewards options?

You can start redeeming cash rewards with a $5 balance for gift cards. In order to request a paper check, you need at a minimum $15 cash balance.

For tokens, you need at least 30,000 tokens to request a $5 gift card. You can also redeem tokens for contest entries starting at 50 tokens per entry.


screen shot of Lucktastic with animated woman showing Lucktastic games and test that says turn on notifications

Lucktastic can be a fun hobby for teens, college students and adults who want a free hobby. You can win real cash and gift cards by playing on a regular basis. Because each scratch card is a game of chance, you will probably “lose” more often than you win.

This app won’t replace your regular income, and you should only play Lucktastic in your free time.

Download the Lucktastic app today:

Have you tried Lucktastic before? What’s the biggest prize you’ve ever won?

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