How to Become A Freelancer in 7 Easy Steps (even with a job) 

In the freelancing universe, the possibilities are endless – whether you’re crunching numbers as a bookkeeper, crafting compelling narratives as a digital marketer, or coding the next big app as a software engineer. But here’s the inside scoop: clients are hunting for solutions, not just someone to tick off tasks. Your golden ticket? Selling the dream outcomes of what your work achieves. Think less about delivering a “1,000-word website copy in 3 days” and more about showing them how your copy can convert “X number of prospective customers in under 6 months”.

Here’s the thing – some jobs pay better than others, and that’s just how it is. Location, industry, demand – it all plays a part. But here’s where you shine. What is your passion? What gets you fired up? Where can you make the biggest splash? This this through, plan out how you’re going to make it happen, then zero in on a service that’s unmistakably you.

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