What Makes a Good Podcast (+how mine got me on Netflix)

How to come up with an original podcast idea

If you want your podcast to have a real shot at success, having an original idea is key. Coming up with something truly unique, though, is no walk in the park. But that’s how it’s supposed to be. If it were easy, everyone would be churning out incredible podcasts left and right. 

Fortunately, there are a few steps you can follow to ensure that your idea stands out from the crowd and remains genuinely original. Here are a few tips that will help you come up with an idea that stands out from the crowd. 

Take stock of your interests

You probably have a one-of-a-kind collection of interests that not many others share. The key is to find the intersection of these passions, as that can make your podcast idea truly original. Take my podcast as an example. I’m fascinated by personal finance, empowering individuals to live their Rich Lives, and fostering healthy relationships. By combining these unique interests, I’ve created a podcast that’s refreshing and truly stands out (which helped a lot with turning the podcast into a Netflix show). The same can happen for you. Explore your own set of interests, identify the common ground between them, and craft a podcast concept that captures your individuality. This way, you’ll create something truly special and captivating for your listeners.

Research your audience

If you have a specific audience in mind, conducting thorough research on them can be very helpful in shaping your podcast idea. Researching your audience will help you gain insights into their needs, challenges, and desires. This understanding, in turn, can inspire you to develop an idea that provides genuine value. Think about the problems your audience might be facing and consider how your podcast can offer solutions or insights that address those issues. By combining this audience-centric approach with the previous tip we discussed, you’ll really get those creative gears turning. 

Look at other podcasts in your niche

If you know exactly who your podcast is meant for, it’s worth taking some time to research other podcasts in the same category. This research will give you ideas and inspiration, as well as show you what to avoid. The goal is to ensure that your podcast isn’t just a copy of someone else’s. You want it to be unique and stand out from the crowd. By doing your research, you can gather insights and create a podcast that offers fresh perspectives and original content for your specific audience.

Don’t be afraid to refine as you go

Don’t worry if you can’t achieve perfection right from the start. You absolutely can start releasing episodes before you have a clear vision of what your podcast will become. In fact, many successful podcasts have followed this approach. The key is to focus on continuous improvement and refinement over time. As you gain experience and receive feedback, you’ll be able to shape your podcast into something truly worth listening to. Embrace the journey of growth and development, and remember that even the most popular podcasts started somewhere. 

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