The Top 10 Most Successful (Online) Businesses to Start in 2023

Social Media Management

Business Summary: 

Social media managers are thriving in the job market due to the ever-increasing demand for online presence and engagement. 

As businesses recognize the power of social media in reaching their target audience, social media managers play a crucial role in creating and executing effective strategies to build brand awareness, drive traffic, and foster customer relationships. 

Their expertise in navigating various social platforms and understanding consumer behavior makes them valuable assets for businesses looking to stay competitive in the digital landscape.

Industry Outlook from US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

The statistics clearly support the success of social media management services, with an average income of $56,770 per year and a substantial number of job opportunities, currently standing at 218,910 positions. 

As social media continues to dominate the marketing landscape, the need for skilled social media specialists will only grow. 

By harnessing the power of social media to drive business objectives, online entrepreneurs can seize the booming market and carve a prosperous path in the digital world.

  • Average Income for Social Media Specialists: $56,770 per year 
  • Current Number of Jobs: 218,910 

Technical Writing Services

Business Summary: 

Technical writers are doing great thanks to the rising demand for clear and concise communication in various industries. 

Technical writers play a vital role in translating complex information into user-friendly content, creating manuals, guides, and documentation that enhance product usability and efficiency. 

With businesses and organizations recognizing the value of effective communication, technical writers will remain as sought-after professionals, enjoying a thriving career in the digital landscape for years to come.

Industry Outlook from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

With an impressive average income of $78,060 per year and a steady growth rate of 6% over the next decade, those looking to capitalize on this market are guaranteed to see high ROIs.

With 55,400 current jobs and an estimated 3,100 jobs to be added in the same period, the technical writing field promises a stable and lucrative business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

  • Average income for Technical Writers: $78,060 per year 
  • Growth Rate Over The Next Decade: 6% 
  • Current Number of Jobs: 55,400
  • Jobs Added Over Next Decade: 3,100

Graphic Design 

Business Summary: 

In a visually-driven digital landscape, businesses and individuals alike recognize the significance of impactful design elements. 

Graphic designers play a crucial role in creating eye-catching visuals, branding materials, marketing assets, and website designs, elevating the overall appeal and effectiveness of online content.

Industry Outlook from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

With an average income of $50,710 per year and a steady growth rate of 3% over the next decade, it’s no surprise why graphic design services made it on the list.

With 265,000 current jobs and 6,800 jobs to be added in the coming years, the demand for graphic designers remains strong. 

As businesses increasingly prioritize the power of visual communication to engage their audience, graphic designers are well-positioned to thrive and make a significant impact, making it a top choice for online business ventures in 2023.

  • Average Income for Graphic Designers: $50,710 per year
  • Growth Rate Over The Next Decade: 3% 
  • Current Number of Jobs: 265,000
  • Jobs Added Over Next Decade: 6,800

Selling Online Courses

Business Summary: 

With the world embracing digital learning, individuals and organizations recognize the value of accessible, self-paced, and skill-enhancing online courses

Online course creators can leverage their expertise to provide valuable educational content to a global audience, while businesses can tap into the lucrative e-learning market to boost revenue and brand recognition.

Industry Outlook:

The statistics paint a compelling picture for the success of online course creation services. With an average income ranging from $86,938 to $98,500 per year, course creators have the potential for high earnings. 

The projected value growth of the e-learning market, estimated to reach $325 billion by 2025, highlights the immense opportunity for growth. 

The substantial increase in online learning enrollments since 2020, along with the predicted growth in online professional development courses (80% by 2025) and the K-12 online school market (valued at $93 billion by 2025), further solidify online course creation as one of the most prosperous online businesses to pursue in 2023.

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