The 10 Best Jobs in America for 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic has led many workers to rethink their priorities and their jobs. They may be looking for more flexible work arrangements, a better work-life balance or increased pay.

Glassdoor’s Best Jobs for 2022 analyzed occupation data to find the best choices for those who want to upgrade their employment this year. The website gathers employment and salary information and used that for its findings. Its methodology was based on the following criteria:

  • Earning potential (median annual base salary)
  • Overall job satisfaction rating
  • Number of job openings on Glassdoor

Tech jobs dominated the results, and the following are Glassdoor’s choices for the top 10 jobs of 2022.

10. Product manager

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Product managers have dynamic jobs that often involve leading a team of workers to achieve a specific goal. You can find these professionals in a variety of industries, and they must possess a diverse skillset — from people skills to organizational skills — to be effective in their role.

9. Java developer

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Computers have a language all their own, and Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Java developers design and create applications and programs that use this language.

8. Software engineer

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Software engineers are often responsible for overseeing the big-picture view of a software development project. For some jobs, they may lead a team that includes developers, quality assurance analysts and software testers.

7. Data engineer

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You’ll need significant technical skills to work as a data engineer. These tech professionals create algorithms to manage data and make it accessible to organization leaders.

For those with the right combination of technology and communication skills, Glassdoor taps this as one of the best jobs for 2022.

6. Machine learning engineer

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Among the top 10 jobs on the Glassdoor list, machine learning engineers have the smallest number of active job openings — 6,801 as of this writing.

However, staffing firm Robert Half expects it to be one of the hottest IT jobs in the coming years. These engineers create software that uses predictive models to “learn” as the program runs.

5. Strategy manager

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As one of the non-tech jobs on Glassdoor’s list, strategy managers are employed by businesses and organizations to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. They may also help develop long-term plans and strategies for achieving goals or improving a company’s performance.

4. Dev ops engineer

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Also spelled DevOps, this IT field combines development with operations, and DevOps engineers must have skills in both. They have multi-faceted positions that may require them to bridge the gap between different teams working on the same project.

3. Data scientist

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Data scientists need both computer and mathematical skills. They are the brains behind big data analytics and are responsible for collecting data, sifting through the data and providing usable information to business executives and other decision-makers.

2. Full stack engineer

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As their name suggests, full stack engineers can provide a broad range of IT services. Their jobs may require them to oversee all the stages of development for websites and applications, from their initial concept to full implementation.

1. Enterprise architect

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Taking the top spot on Glassdoor’s list are enterprise architects. These workers play a key role in ensuring a company’s IT infrastructure meets its needs.

Glassdoor notes the occupation has a strong balance between job openings, job satisfaction and median salary, which is $144,997.

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