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“I get emails from my subscribers saying my copy resonates with them.” — Matteo Manferdini

“I’ve always been a natural teacher”

Matteo Manferdini is an experienced iOS developer. As a freelance consultant, he realized many people lack the knowledge he has about creating great apps.

“Most material online is about useless tactics like App Store optimization or running Facebook ads. It pained me. I’ve always been a natural teacher, so I saw this as a chance to show people the light.”

He founded Pure Creek to take newbies through the entire process of creating iOS apps. He goes over everything from market research and product creation to positioning and sales.

“I was confused about copywriting”

While Matteo was a great teacher and knew a ton about iOS development, he had no idea how to get potential customers to take action. The other courses he took told him to build an email list and then start selling. But they didn’t give details on how to do those things.

“I’ve tried some other courses on how to start an online business. They were mostly ebooks about making other ebooks, and the results weren’t great. I made some money, but I had no idea what to do next.”

And copywriting was a complete mystery to him.

“I was confused. I didn’t know where to start. I had no confidence if I was on the right track or not. I was just sitting there writing different things without any structure.”

“I discovered how to tell compelling stories”

When Matteo heard about Call to Action, he jumped on the opportunity.

“I love the way Ramit presents material. He goes the extra step and covers details that other courses glance over. And his philosophy is great. Instead of giving you a bunch of useless tactics, he shows you the 2-3 things that will give you the biggest wins.”

As someone with a technical background — and the logical mind that naturally goes with that — the modules on storytelling were a real eye-opener for Matteo.

“One of the things I didn’t know you could do was create stories with your emails. Instead of sending random tidbits of information, I discovered how to write messages that tell a compelling story from beginning to end.

“But what I loved most was that Call to Action was focused on results, too.”

“I got 1,800 subscribers in 5 months”

As Matteo started sharing stories in his emails, his readers began to respond.





Subscribers loved Matteo’s stories.

“I started getting emails from my subscribers saying the stories I told really resonated with them. Plus, advanced iOS developers started to join my email list. Even though they know a lot, they signed up because they like the way I present my material.”

But the results didn’t stop there. When Matteo rewrote one of his landing pages, his subscriber count took off.

“Normally I would get about 150 new subscribers a month. But when I tried a new landing page in December 2015, I got 450 in the same time frame.”

list growth

list growth

Matteo’s email list has over 3,000 subscribers now.

“Before CTA, I had 1,300 subscribers, and it took me 15 months to reach that level. My new landing pages got me 1,800 in only 5 months.”

“I made more in one month than I did all of last year”

In addition to his emails, Matteo revamped his sales page, too. And sales surged.

“My conversion rate on sales had been 1.8%. Just from changing a few words on my sales page — I didn’t do anything to the product — I bumped it up to 4.4%”

He also emailed people who hadn’t bought during previous launches. And this time, a lot of them purchased his product.

Matteo credits his new copywriting skills for the difference.

“This proves that the way you communicate with your audience through your copywriting is key to greater results in your business.”

In all of 2015, Matteo made $1,800 through product sales. But this year, in February alone, he made $5,000 thanks to changing the words in his emails and on his sales pages.

“The goal with my business has always been independence. Now I’m confident that I can do that much faster than I thought.”

“My entire approach to business is different now”

We brought Matteo into the studio to share his story. Watch the full interview to hear:

  • How to get business results, faster. Matteo compares his experience of chasing random tactics versus focusing on the 2-3 things that give you Big Wins (1:30)
  • The storyboard technique for engaging content. You can use this on emails, blog posts, and sales pages for massive results (2:40)
  • The one tweak that made him $5,000 in a month. It’s was all about changing a few words on his sales page (5:25)

Boost your sales without launching a new product or getting more traffic

Matteo discovered that a great sales page can make people take out their credit cards in a frenzy. It can even turn people who weren’t interested before into buyers.

If you want to see the exact structure he used to create his sales page, we’ve put together a free bonus video, How to Outline a Successful Sales Page in 60 Seconds. Enter your email below for immediate access. ↓

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