Meet Larry

“I help students kick ass in law school” — Larry Lee

“I stayed sane and partied hard in law school”

For Larry Lee, law school wasn’t about pulling all nighters and burying his nose deep in books.

“For a lot of students, law school is three years of torture. But I was lucky to have friends who went before me. They steered me in the right direction by showing how to work smarter.”

“Even though I edited the law journal, served as a teaching assistant, tutored first-year students, and worked as a researcher for a few professors, I stayed sane and partied hard. Law school was not a constant, angst-ridden process for me.”

Larry not only completed law school, he crushed it. He graduated magna cum laude and got offers from top firms.

Larry crushed law school.He was a successful lawyer for 9 years. That’s when the entrepreneurship bug bit him.

“I graduated law school and practiced for 9 years. One of the things I thought about doing was starting about my own business. It didn’t necessarily have to do with law, but I wanted to try something.”

“I settled on tutoring law students because that was something I did when I was in school, and something I was good at.”

“I tried building a website in the past, but that crashed and burned”

Eventually, Larry wanted to try something online as a way to scale his tutoring.

“I found a business partner who had online businesses teaching LSAT and other law-related material. I thought this was a good way to get started. I had tried building a website in the past, but that just crashed and burned.”

“So I was working with this other guy to setup a business. We launched a beta product. It was growing, but very slowly. Everyone was frustrated.”

“Over the course of 2 years, we made $30,000. That works out to about $8,000 to $9,000 a year if we split the sales between the two of us.”

Larry would’ve killed to have any kind of roadmap that he could follow to get the business off the ground.

“I liked building model airplanes as a kid. The instruction out there on online business felt like someone had given me a model to build with all the scattered pieces, but no instructions. Not even a picture.”

“Zero to Launch made me realize it’s okay to be myself”

Larry found out about Zero to Launch through Ramit Sethi’s email list.

“Earn1K helped give me the framework I needed to start my tutoring business. Ramit was so specific about everything from validating your idea, to the exact words you can use to pitch your first 3 paying clients. Everything worked for me. So it was easy to trust everything he was saying when he promoted Zero to Launch.”

Not only did Zero to Launch give Larry the roadmap he needed to finally piece his business together, it also made him realize it’s okay to be himself and have some fun.

“I learned that displaying my real personality is okay. I heard a Johnny Carson quote once, ‘This will only work if you’re yourself.’ That’s what I try to do with my online business. I curse, I make the kind of jokes I would with friends.”

You wouldn’t expect this kind of content on a site about law.

“I like to tell the truth and be entertaining. My vigilante approach is similar to how I feel about with law school. If you do what professors tell you, you’re dead in the water. It’s better to find your own way. Focus on the few things that will get you top grades. And my students are all A+ students.”

Zero to Launch also has some vault material about dealing with haters online. This helped Larry deal with the fire that came with his over-the-top style.

“People email me and ask, ‘Why do you curse?’ I think these hater emails is proof that my site isn’t bland. If you’re not getting comments and feedback, that means you’re not interesting enough for someone to react.”

Larry also gets personal on his site:

Larry tells personal stories on top of his jokes.

“I get lots of top performers who grew up with high expectations. So when I talk about pushy Asian parents and becoming a lawyer, people relate.”

“I’m also very brutally honest and not shy about telling people, ‘Don’t go to law school.’ People need to realize what they’re getting into.”

“It’s important to write for your audience. That was a big takeaway from Zero to Launch.”

“In the first 10 months, I made $86,800”

Zero to Launch gave Larry the blueprint he needed to follow to build a successful online business.

“I focused on the few things that produced the biggest results. In the first 10 months of 2016, I made $86,800. That’s almost 5 times what I made with my first attempt at business. And I did it in less than half the time.”

“I look forward to my kids throwing cereal at me and punching me in the nuts”

But the money isn’t even the best part.

“My wife is Brazilian so my kids spend the summer there. For the first time, I feel hopeful that I can join them and have more freedom in my life.”

“I look forward to my kids throwing cereal at me and punching me in the nuts every morning.”

Larry getting attacked by his kids.

“I had no site when I started, but now I have emails funnels and an entire course”

We brought Larry into the studio to share his story. Watch the full, 9-minute interview where he reveals:

  • Your first business idea isn’t always obvious. Discover how Larry stumbled on his first idea. It can remove the agony from your brainstorm sessions. (1:01)
  • What model airplanes have to do with your business success. Larry had an insight from his childhood hobby that could help you avoid serious blunders with your business. (2:04)
  • How to take the guesswork out of writing blog posts. Writing is agony for many people. But thanks to a framework Larry learned, creating blog posts that resonated with readers was a breeze. (4:52)

How to stand out in crowded markets

As you just saw, Larry was able to stand out by showing his personality in an otherwise boring niche. This is called positioning. Getting your positioning right can singlehandedly determine whether you succeed or fail in online business.

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