8 Ways Remote Workers Say Their Lives Are Better Now

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Remote work has gone mainstream. Once a fringe opportunity available mostly to freelancers and a handful of others, nearly half the full-time workforce — 45%, according to Gallup — now log at least part of their workweek from home.

A large percentage of these workers have discovered that working from home has improved their lives.

A recent study by artificial intelligence solutions company Momentive and payroll provider company Deel found that 76% of workers say working from home has given them a better work-life balance. They report several other career-related benefits.

However, perhaps more tellingly, the respondents — all of whom work for companies that are customers of Deel — say working from home has significantly improved their personal lives.

Following are the top personal benefits people report from not having to commute to an office every day.

1. Increased savings

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Respondents who cited this perk: 64%

No buying gas to drive to work, no expensive lunches, no fancy clothes — it’s no surprise that those who work from home save money.

In fact, saving more money is the No. 1 joy of remote work, according to workers. Nearly two-thirds cited a fatter savings account as a top benefit of working from home.

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2. Paying less for travel

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Respondents who cited this perk: 40%

Some of the survey respondents viewed their long drives into work as “travel” and say they are saving money now that their commute has been reduced to going from the bedroom to the home office.

Others say working from home, not at a specific office location, has allowed them to move closer to family, eliminating the need to travel to see loved ones.

3. Moving closer to family and friends

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Respondents who cited this perk: 39%

It’s tough to a put a price on the joy of living closer to family and friends. So, it is no surprise that being able to relocate to an area near loved ones is a perk that remote workers love.

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4. Increased travel

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Respondents who cited this perk: 30%

When you work remotely, you can take the job anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection and phone service, there is generally no limit to your ability to explore the world while doing your job.

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5. Paying less for housing

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Respondents who cited this perk: 21%

Even if you have a decent job, it’s hard to make ends meet in Silicon Valley. However, take that same salary and move to Salina, Kansas, and you can live like royalty, at least comparatively speaking.

Remote work has freed us from the tyranny of overpriced housing.

6. Moving closer to my romantic partner

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Respondents who cited this perk: 17%

Would you give it all up to be with the love of your life? Now, you don’t have to.

Instead, simply take the remote job with you and build a love nest wherever you and your soulmate see fit.

7. Moving to my dream city

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Respondents who cited this perk: 14%

In the past, one of the scariest things about moving to a new city was having to find a job. Today, millions of people are relocating secure in the knowledge that when they arrive in the new home of their dreams, their job will be right there beside them.

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8. Curing or treating an illness

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Respondents who cited this perk: 9%

Some workers have medical conditions that are best treated at a single, specialized facility, possibly in another city. Others simply need the flexibility to schedule regular medical appointments or therapy sessions without having to drive halfway across town to get to them.

Remote work helps make these situations much easier.

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