10 Best Places to Sell Silver

Best Places To Sell Silver

Silver is one of the best precious metals for storing wealth. It has many uses, including coins, jewelry, dental fillings, silverware and industrial products. 

Since this commodity is extremely versatile, businesses and collectors are eager to buy your silver collection with cash.

We’ve found the best places to sell your silver and maximize your profits.

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Top Places to Sell Silver

There are several ways you can sell your silver when you need cash. The best option depends on the type of silver you want to sell.

1. Cash for Silver USA

Cash for Silver USA makes it easy to sell precious metals and diamonds online. You get free shipping, insurance and can receive payment within 24 hours of accepting the official appraisal.

How much you earn depends on the weight and purity of your items. In addition, the product can be in working or non-working condition since this factor doesn’t impact the appraisal value.

The service offers a price match guarantee, and they may increase their offer if a competitor provides a higher price with a similar assessment. If not, the company returns your items free of charge.

You can sell these silver items:

  • Fine silver jewelry (.999 purity)
  • Sterling silver jewelry (.925 purity)
  • Silverware and flatware
  • Dental scrap (i.e., crowns, bridges, etc.)

Since the silver you sell here will most likely be melted and be made into a new product, you may not receive top dollar for items with collectible value.

Despite the extra effort, consider selling your high-value items another way so you can make more money.

Additionally, this company can also be an excellent option for selling gold.

You may consider this platform if you don’t have local places to sell silver or you prefer the convenience of using an online vendor for an instant price quote. 


  • Free shipping
  • Risk-free appraisals
  • Insurance provided
  • Flexible payout options


  • Not the best option for collectibles
  • Must use USPS or FedEx for free shipping

2. Auctions

Live auctions can be your best option for selling high-value silver. 

Consider a silver auction for these items:

  • Antique silver
  • Bullion coins
  • Dinnerware
  • Fine jewelry

An auction can help you earn a higher price for collectible items instead of getting an instant buyback quote from a silver dealer.

While it’s possible to fetch a higher price for rare and high-demand items, an auction doesn’t guarantee you will earn more money.

The final price at an auction is somewhat unpredictable and depends on the audience. You can make more if a bidding war starts between several attendees.

However, you might earn less than you’d receive from an instant buyback vendor if your collection generates minimal interest. 

Furthermore, the auction house can charge listing fees and a final sales commission.

If you aren’t sure which auction house to use, Sotheby’s is one of the best auction platforms for selling silver valuables as they have an international presence. 

With Sotheby’s, a specialist can provide an estimate and recommend the best selling method for your collections.

sothebys logo


  • Could make more money than with instant buyback offers
  • Best for antique and valuable items
  • Great for selling locally or online


  • Potential listing and commission fees
  • Profits depend on buyer interest

3. Coin Shops

Local coin shops are one of the best places for selling silver currency and bars since these items have collectible value.

This option is convenient because you don’t have to mail your valuables and wait several days to receive an appraisal or payment.

Instead, you can get an instant inspection and purchase offer. You also won’t have to pay any shipping and insurance costs.

Coin shops will likely buy these items:

  • Bullion: Coins that are also legal tender
  • Rounds: Coins made of silver but are not legal tender
  • Bars: Silver bars of various weights

Other vendors may only offer to buy your precious metals investments at scrap value, so you won’t make as much money.

The buyback process varies by shop. It’s also worth getting several quotes as the offers and selling minimums can vary. 

You can choose the shop with the highest bid price above the current spot price.


  • Sell silver bullion, rounds and bars
  • Instant appraisal and payment
  • No shipping fees


  • Buyback process differs between shops
  • May need to visit multiple shops to get the best price
  • Buyback process differs between shops
  • May need to visit multiple shops to get the best price

4. Consignment Stores

Local consignment shops can help you sell silver jewelry and housewares for more than an instant buyback dealer. These stores can also help you sell unwanted clothing, sports equipment and other personal goods.

Most stores only pay you when an item sells. Keep in mind that the store might reduce the selling price after a specific number of days. In turn, this will reduce your profit potential.

There will also be a commission fee for each successful sale.

You should verify the store’s selling guidelines for the qualifying items and purity level. In most cases, your possessions must be in working order.

Some of the items you can sell here include:

  • Fine silver
  • Sterling silver
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Watches
  • Dinnerware
  • Home decorations

Since you’re selling the item to another retail shopper, your selling price can be the current material value of the silver, any other precious metals or gems and the collectible value.


  • Sell jewelry and home goods
  • Earn more than scrap value
  • Sell locally
  • Easier than selling at auction


  • Commission fees
  • Profits may be lower due to price reductions
  • Only get paid when your item sells

5. Craigslist

Craigslist can connect you with local dealers and private collectors. It’s free to list your items, and you can schedule a meeting to make a sale.

You may find postings for people looking to buy your silver. Another option is listing the items you have for sale.

Make sure you provide a detailed description of your collection and include photos to attract more buyers.

Also, consider using Craigslist alternatives to reach more prospective buyers. Other platforms may have more activity for your local community.

It’s possible to sell almost anything made of silver, including:

  • Coins
  • Jewelry
  • Silverware
  • Tableware

You won’t pay any selling fees, but you will need to set aside time for a local meetup. As a result, you can make more money, and the buyer still pays a fair price.

One potential risk of selling on local buy and sell apps is the lack of seller protection. In addition, you might be transacting with a stranger, so it can be hard to verify their reputation.

Before agreeing to meet a buyer, know a fair asking price for your items and consider accepting cash to avoid potential scams.

Craigslist logo


  • Sell anything made of silver
  • No fees
  • Instant payments
  • No shipping costs


  • No seller protection
  • Have to meet strangers to sell items
  • Higher risk of scams

6. eBay

Consider eBay for selling silver with an online auction or fixed price listing.

Some of the best-selling products include: 

  • Bullion and coins
  • Jewelry
  • Silverware

You may be able to earn more than online dealers offer.

However, you will need to wait for a buyer to agree to your asking price. Also, eBay’s seller fees are between 12% and 15% of the final sales price.

You may also have to pay shipping fees if you offer free shipping to the buyer. The shipping fees can be high for bulky items and to insure your package. 

It’s also possible to offer local pickup for nearby orders.

While eBay is one of the most popular online marketplaces, these eBay alternatives are worth trying as well.

Ebay Logo icon


  • Sell coins, jewelry and silverware
  • Items can be in working or non-working condition
  • Auction or fixed price listings
  • Earn more than instant price quotes


  • 12%-15% seller fees
  • May have to pay shipping fees

7. Jewelry Stores

A jewelry store might be willing to buy fine silver and sterling silver jewelry in good condition with a high resale value.

Consider this option if your jewelry also has gold and gems. This way, you can receive payment for the value of these precious materials. 

Some places may only compensate you for the silver value.

The buyback policies vary by store. Locally-owned jewelers may buy your collection with cash after an in-store jewelry appraisal.

National retailers such as Jared and Zales have you mail your items to a fulfillment center for an appraisal. Unfortunately, these big chains may only offer in-store credit as payment.

You can also try selling to online jewelry stores. These platforms can offer competitive appraisals.


  • Sell jewelry for more money
  • May be able to get an in-store appraisal
  • Less work than selling at an auction


  • May only receive store credit
  • Buyback policies differ by store

8. Online Bullion Retailer

Another option to consider for selling silver coins and bars are online bullion dealers. 

Online bullion sites will buy these silver types:

  • Fine silver coins and bars (.999 purity)
  • Junk silver (.900 purity or less)
  • Silver rounds
  • Licensed products
  • Jewelry

Silver bullion and bars from reputable producers can sell for the most money. Round coins that private mints publish as non-legal tender can sell for above the current spot price but have a lower bid price.

Most dealer websites list the current purchase price if you sell to them. You can also call a toll-free number if their website doesn’t include a product you want to sell.

Here is a brief look at how the selling process works:

  1. Create a list and quantity of the coins and bars you’re selling
  2. Agree to an initial sales price
  3. Ship the items using a prepaid shipping label
  4. Await a final inspection and purchase offer
  5. Collect payment by paper check

The buyback prices vary by retailer, and you may need to have a minimum sales value to make a sale.

Also, consider the shipping method. Most dealers offer prepaid shipping with USPS, FedEx or UPS. Choose the carrier that’s most convenient for you if the sales prices are competitive between several dealers.

You may consider getting quotes from online dealers selling silver dollars. Then, your collection can replenish their inventory as others buy silver. 


  • Earn top dollar for silver bullion, rounds and bars
  • Shipping may be free
  • Quickly compare prices from several dealers


  • Might need a minimum value to make a sale
  • Buyback prices differ between retailers

9. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops can be more likely to buy jewelry and other silver products with a collectible value that do not meet the selling guidelines for jewelry stores and consignment shops.

You may also be able to sell silver currency at pawn shops. 

Since pawn shops can offer lower payouts than other local dealers, you may consider other outlets first. Then, take your unsold items to a nearby broker to make money fast and avoid the hassle of mailing your items to an online broker.


  • Lenient selling requirements 
  • No shipping is necessary
  • Receive a cash payment


  • Lower payouts

10. Refinery

You might be able to sell your scrap silver directly to a refinery that melts the metal to create new products. 

Your items may be unsellable for these condition reasons:

  • Broken
  • Damaged
  • Tarnished
  • Incomplete set

However, many refineries may require a large quantity to make a sale.

Instead, you might use a middleman like Cash for Gold that collects small quantities but offers competitive payments.

Your silver scrap can include:

  • Jewelry
  • Medical scrap
  • Serving sets
  • Silverware

As you will earn the least amount of money from this option and the minimum selling quantities can be high, the other options can be easier to make a sale.


  • Sell broken and tarnished items
  • Sell uncommon items with minimal market demand for scrap value


  • Low payouts
  • Minimum selling quantities may be high

Silver Selling Tips

Depending on how large of a silver stash you have, you may be able to receive a substantial cash windfall. Here are some suggestions to help sell your silver for the most money.

Know the Value of Your Silver

You should know the fair value of your silver before you get an appraisal from a potential buyer.

The selling price depends on several factors:

  • Weight of the silver
  • Purity level
  • The value of other precious metals and gems in the piece
  • Current market demand for the producer
  • Fair market value of similar items

Some buyers may only be willing to pay you for the price of the silver even if the piece contains gold, gems, is made by a famous company or has a high collectible value.

You should consider getting at least two separate appraisals to get a ballpark estimate for your silver portfolio.

Pursue Multiple Selling Channels

Different dealers and private collectors may assign varying values to your collection. For example, you might be able to earn more for antique silver at an auction than at a pawn shop.

Also, coin shops may offer better rates for bullion than other outlets that focus on selling jewelry. 

Getting several quotes can require more time, but the additional profit can be worth the effort.


You and the buyer will need to agree on a fair price. In most cases, the buyer is a silver dealer that wants to buy your items at the lowest price possible to increase their potential profit. 

You won’t be able to sell for the highest retail price for many sales channels unless you’re willing to wait to find a willing buyer. 

If you want to make a quick sale, you will need to come off the current retail price so you and the dealer can make money.

Be Willing to Walk Away

As you negotiate, be ready to reject low-ball offers below your desired selling price. Silver can be an excellent long-term investment, and you are likely to find a buyer willing to pay a higher price.


There are several places you can sell your silver locally and online for cash. Selling to a specialty store or private collector can help you earn the most money.

Whether you’re selling jewelry, coins, antiques or scrap containing silver, get several quotes to earn top dollar.

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